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Closing costs are a necessary thing

18/06/2015 - 03:48 - Politics /
We shall examine some of the more common dumb things agents do. Put sold signs on houses that have gone under contract. In some states nike air max 1 blanc gris leopard homme , this is illegal to do unless the house has closed. Have you ever had a contract fall through? If you haven't, you probably are new in the business, lucky, or don't do many transacti Listing and a good selling feature for the buyer. If the seller fails to do this at time of listing , don't be dumb, have them sign that you suggested it and they declined. As a buyer's agent likewise to protect your client, encourage your buyer to ask the seller for one. If the seller refuses and the buyer doesn't insist on one, get it in writing, or you are leaving yourself open to exposure nike air max 1 pas cher , which is real dumb. If the seller in negotiations with a buyer agrees to pay for a warranty and you represent the seller, don't be dumb and let the seller pay at closing and the buyer's agent writes the warranty. If the seller agrees to pnts does not protect your client! Don't be nice and dumb. It can be dumb to suggest a mortgage company for the buyer. If they could have gotten a better deal somewhere else , they can blame you for it. Suggest places they can compare. Always encourage them to get prequalified before you show them any houses. It is dumb to waste your time with deadbeat buyers. Make sure they get a good faith estimate of financing costs. Let them drive their cars with you as a passenger or follow you to avoid lawsuits from accidents. Don't be dumb. Protect yourself with an umbrella policy. Cash buyers are a gooe contingency if another offer comes in. When removing contingency nike air max 1 bleu gris blanc , provide contracts or mortgage info expediently or you may forfeit this important contingency. Dumb, and good for greedy lawyers and buyers to sue you.


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