In this section the registered opponents can hold professional discussions on the announced scientific subjects. The initiator registers a topic, invites an opponent and starts the discussion (the opponent must accept the invitation before the beginning).

The initiator specifies parameters of the duel: topic, scale and language. Discussion must held in one language - any language elected by participants (available to the widest audience possible) or in two languages (in this case English is obligatory). Identical remarks in different languages are placed together. The topic (limited by five words), names and surnames of participants, their countries and organizations are indicated during the initiation of discussion.

  • The size of each remark in one language is limited to 1000 characters (with spaces); 
  • Duration of the discussion depends on participants’ will (limited by the current calendar year); 
  • Participants can end the duel by leaving it; 
  • The winner is the person with the higher number of points following the results of the evaluation of the duel by the third persons during the current calendar year; 
  • All discussions of the thematic section are sorted in the chronological order. Possible search criteria: title, author, scale and language.
  • There is a dialog box for the third persons’ comments and marks under every duel. 
  • One comment is limited to 500 characters (with spaces).
  • Any person can comment the discussion or its separate remarks in any language chosen by the discussion participants or in any other language (not more than three comments in different languages). 

* Credit nature of this section assumes the following: a) opponents get nominal 20 points for participation in discussion with 5 and more remarks from each participant; b) during the calendar year all interested persons can read the duel remarks and rank them, raising or lowering their nominal marks by 1 point (no matter if discussion is still ongoing or not); c) final mark of every participant’s remark is concluded following the results of a calendar year; it is the sum of the nominal mark for the participation and all marks of the interested persons; d) the winner of the duel following the results of its assessment by the third persons during the following year gets additional 20 points; e) the final mark of the participant’s position in the duel following the results of a calendar year together with marks of other author’s materials in other "Eidoses" and points earned in the GISAP project (gisap.eu), form "the author’s intellectual budget" convertible into the officially declared scientific degrees and titles of the IASHE.